Cubase 7 problem?

Hi all,

I’m experiencing an intermittent problem with C7 playing ghost VST sounds.

I’ve only noticed this using Halion SE, Ensemble strings so far. Let’s say I have some strings starting at bar 12… before reaching that point in the track the strings start playing at bar 8, 9 or 10… just a single note (maybe two) and it continues to play even when hitting bar 12 where my strings should actually start. It sounds like someone playing something completely different in the background… just a continuous drone. I’ve checked and double checked to ensure there are no stray midi notes on the track. I’ve even created a new track, rerecorded the part and the same thing occurs.

Eventually I found a cure… I loaded the project in C6.5 and hey presto… no problem.

Anyone else experience this? Or maybe you know what I’m doing wrong?



I have had similar problem. The track starts playback immediately, when I hit Play button. Even there are no any MIDI notes (events) at the bar/beat. It sounds the instrument, which was actually selected.

I made backup of the project. No problem anymore.

Thanks for the reply… not quite sure what you mean when you say you made a backup of the project and now you don’t have the problem. Do you mean you created a new project and copied tracks across from the backup project?

Use File > Back up Project menu. This saves your project to the new folder.