Cubase 7 project window time signature Triplets Help please


I’m having an issue with Cubase 7. I have created a song in what Halion 4 tells me is 1/16T (Triplets) I have the cubase main project window set at 4/4 I have tried altering this to 1/16 and also altering from Fixed to Track and it changes but the end of say a verse never ends on a bar. Its almost like slightly more that a quarter of a bar.

I have tried to work with this and see if I can just cope with the issue but it makes doing this song a pain to do and very slow.

Is there something I am doing wrong please or can anyone assist at all?

Many thanks

I’m sorry, but I am bit confused by this. Was this something you recorded originally to a click track? Or you are trying to use Warp Tabs to line up the measures to something you recorded without a click track?

My guess is that the OP is confusing a sync rate (like for the flex phrase or arpeggiator) with the time signature.
Hard to tell though.