Cubase 7 questions and concerns

As I use Cubase as part of a project studio and have limited funds I have until recently not purchased new releases of Cubase until they have been around for some time, sometimes bypassing releases completely before updating.

My questions and concerns are therefore as follows:

  1. In the past has the first release of a new update delivered with so many reported and perceived issues?

  2. I understand that change often leads to two camps, those who resent it and those who embrace it. But it appears from what I have read on the forum and talking to friends it would appear that the majority seem to against this change, with some “professional” users going back to 6.5. I have limited time in my studio and therefore should I be spending this time to learn a new package that appears to be so flawed?

  3. This is a personal observation but it seems odd that with so many faults and issues that other than a response saying there be a another release not much official seems to be coming out of Steinberg. I appreciate that there is Collected Issues and Solved Issues forum but should we expect a more detailed response rather than work arounds ?

  4. I trying desperately trying to stay to remain positive about this but I really don’t like wasting my time or money. So I guess the two biggest questions are should I stick with the new release and if the answer is no should I be considering a new DAW with better development and support ?

Just as a footnote I have purchased Cubase 7 and to date have only been experimenting / learning with it. I have yet to start a new project in Cubase 7!!!

Well if it helps …

Cubase 7 is running nothing less than perfectly in my studio, it is every bit as stable as Cubase 6.5 but then again I do know what I’m doing when it comes to running workstations in a professional environment (take from that what you will)

I love the new Mix console as it has fantastic functionality, I don’t really worry too much about how things look as I’m audio orientated not visually orientated … as I say the new functionality is proving to lend itself to a very fast workflow indeed.

Hope you enjoy Cubase 7 as much as I am.


Loving Cubase 7 and cannot wait for the update :smiley:

If you can´t answer questions 2 an 4 yourself, you should probably look for a new hobby…

Keep experimenting, nothing like being on the bleeding edge and actually having a stable DAW (like me) :slight_smile:

The whole professional versus hobbyist thing is a bit snarky, a tad elitist and totally unnecessary. Hobbyist or professional we are here to try to help and learn from each other. I’ve seen plenty of whiners from both camps in my time.

I’m not a professional. I don’t make my living at this. (I make my living in a large corporation. My job chews up my time and a good part of my soul as well.) This “hobby” is something I’ve been dedicated to in one way or another for the last 30 years. I decided recently that - because of the soul crushing part - i need to figure out how to make this hobby into something that can provide income. I’ve gotten closer in the last 2 years to being able economically to make a switch, but, with a family and two very young children, I have to be smart about it and not self indulgent.

Bedroom hobbyist or no, time is time. I would argue that time is even more precious for the bedroom hobbyist in some cases. The time I can get in my project studio is EXTREMELY limited. Therefore I need tools that are stable, don’t require me to relearn them if I put them down for two weeks (i.e., well designed interface and workflow), and can help me be efficient.

For all of those reasons I stopped using Cubase after version 5.5. I essentially abandoned Cubase for Logic and eventually StudioOne. I have not really used Cubase in 2 or 3 years. There are things in Cubase I really do like, and I had kept up with the upgrades during that time in the hopes that something would improve. But I saw nothing during that time to change my mind.

I had written Cubase off.

Then version 7 hit the streets. I thought the pictures and videos of the new mix console were AWFUL looking. I remembered Cubase and its plethora of windows as being a PIA to use. I was extremely skeptical, but as before I bought the upgrade to check it out.

At first, it didn’t go well at all. It wouldn’t launch and kept crashing out during plug in validation. I thought the solution suggested to me by tech support - remove all plugins and put them back “one by one” - was insane. (Those of you who have a lot of plug ins and less than infinite extra time know this isn’t an option.) I couldn’t understand why Cubase couldn’t be more intelligent in its validation mechanism. “More of the same BS” I thought, and I put it away.

A few weeks later for unrelated reasons I pared down my active plug ins dramatically. (As Eno says, it’s not the number of options but having a few really good ones that matters.) I remembered Cubase and tried to launch it…and it worked! I set about re acquainting myself with the program…

I LOVE the new MixConsole. I think that alone helps workflow tremendously. It is operating almost flawlessly on my system. (I’ve had a few issues with video so far.)

In short, buy it. Understand that you will need to put a little time into setting things back up and learning the new paradigms. (There are some good getting started tutorials in the app now and there is a tutorial video over at that walks through the new features in a few lessons. It really helped me.)

And let’s stop the sniffing about hobbyist versus professional. Boorish behavior is the issue, not where your cash flow originates…

And let’s stop the sniffing about hobbyist versus professional. Boorish behavior is the issue, not where your cash flow originates…

For me It’s not so much about where your income comes from, but attitude,

… after reading your post it’s obvious you have a very professional attitude.

Sorry, thinkingcap, but in a way you just crossed a limit, here… Your ‘Grand senior member’ status, with more than 4000 posts, doesn’t allow you to be so harsh. I will quote Axeman010 :

As I use Cubase as part of a project studio and have limited funds I have until recently not purchased new releases of Cubase until they have been around for some time, sometimes bypassing releases completely before updating

Reading this and saying that he should think of finding a new ‘hobby’ is an insult, no more, no less. You could say this to me as I am indeed a hobbyist, but not to him as nobody really knows him here. I know that you are probably one of the members here that knows Cubase, particularly, and audio engeneering, in a more general way, the best. But again, it doesn’t allow you such a posture : you have already the required authority and background here to do differently. I just say this, as I see you drifting more and more, recently…

I don’t know if his questions are genuine as he doesn’t post a lot here, considering his/her joining date. I simply give him the benefice of doubt and think that we should all do so, no matter what we think about the questions posted.

With my regrets…


I would say that if you really feel that the new MixConsole features will significatively improve your Cubase workflow, or if you really need things such as the Remote Control Editor or chord tracks, you could go for C7, at least, to get used to it. But I guess that you have looked at the forum and all the threads opened recently. It should allow you to make yourself an opinion.

FWIW, here is mine : C7 at its present state isn’t worth the upgrade. I already stated several times why in different therads. If you have C6.5, stick to it and enjoy : you have probably one of the best host possibly affordable, already.


Apart from you it seems… :wink:
I was going by the words:

@the OP if “hobby” is insulting to you, excuses for that - replace it with what you think suits better, so it keeps the meaning of what I wrote.

It allows me just as much or as little as a 4 post count member: my opinion.
As a poster in an open public forum one should be prepared for such people. Ans contrary to you, I don´t find “hobby” insulting. If the OP does - see above.

OK… I don’t want to start a personal battle. Far from it…

But I do not think that the number of posts made by a member reflects its skills in anyway. I will not name them, but I just recently saw posts from members with only a very little amount of them and who obviously know what they are talking about. And yes, for a studio owner, who evidently makes a living of it, the ‘hobby’ word could be feeled as an insult : it just suggest that he isn’t credible, from which, it denies all his professional skills and experience.

In my place, I don’t care : I perfectly know that there are still several Cubase features that seem to me like frightening and hostile territories. Just to name one : the expression maps…

Sorry, thinkingcap, but your first reply to the OP just shocked me, from which my reaction, which maybe was too vehement. So, let’s keep it as it is. Just hope that no harm has been done, for anyone…


No problem on my end but I think we know, I´m not the most diplomatic poster here and probably never will be… :wink:

Duncecap has no working knowledge of the program, he just posts to hear himself talk as no one else will listen in real life not to mention he doesn’t have the 'nads to talk to people in person the way he does behind the safety of his keyboard and screen. That Steinberg allows him to continue goes to the point of how much they really care about their users. :bulb:

Thats just silly…

Indeed… :unamused:

My friend “TheLurker” aka “guitman”, isn´t ist…?
If so, you´re the best example that guesting members obviously doesn´t work quite well anyway.
Apart from that, you´re of course totally right, except from the fact that “to hear myself talk” I record myself in Cubase that´s why I never post any links to my music…(just in case you come up with that again)

Thank you for those of you have given your honest opinions and experiences with Cubase 7 so far. They are much appreciated !

I suppose it was a bit of an emotive set of questions that I just brain dumped here and maybe I should just keep going with C7 and work out the answers for myself.

The intention was really to try and gauge if other users have had to go through this process many times before with new releases of Cubase find this one a little too problematic without enough gains for the pain, or whether this is just par for the course.

I don’t mind be labelled as a “hobbyist” and take no offence at this as I don’t do this as a full time job. But as well as recording in professional studios, I have been using Cubase since the original midi only version for the PC came out on a single 3.5" floppy disk, tape synced up to my 8 track. I haven’t posted that much since joining the forum as to be honest I have in the past worked out the answers to my problems myself or by searching the Cubase and other forums.

I still find it slightly strange and sad that some people use forums like this one as a way of sniping at each other. Maybe that another reason I post so infrequently!

Thanks again for your thoughts.

I’m late to this thread…

I am a musician and not a recording engineer, but i have used Cubase to record entire albums. But mostly I write music in it. Mostly for musicians to play, I have done some productions completely inside Cubase. I use Score edit a lot.

I do like the new features, and have no show stopping issues. A couple things in Score edit are messed up but are noted in the collected issues forum so I expect they will be fixed in 7.0.2 in mid february.

The mix console is cool, but I don’t spend that much time mixing. I do like it, but it does have issues which are the subject of 100s of threads.

The Chord Track is very useful, and works correctly for the most part. There are issues but I’m not sure they can be called bugs. (I refer to the debatable way chords are spelled, and limitations) Cubase now is chord-aware so to speak, and includes chord tools in the Key editor and Logical editor.

Safe Mode “hold down shift-alt(mac:option)-control(mac:command)” is a very good addition.

As far as the many negative comments, this is an internet forum so there is a higher probability that negative comments will be posted. It’s not as bad as some say. Certainly if I owned a studio I would not be using C7 yet, but with noone watching over my shoulder it’s no big deal if Cubase crashes or I discover an anomaly.


Crazy isn’t it, being an international forum and all :wink:

The problem is, after a while of posting, attitudes begin to show and when they tend to be negative for no reason or to treat this place as if it is some kind of troll town where anything goes (hint, we do not talk about the competition unless it has something we want).

All in all you can get information by simply posting questions, do not apologize for posting pertinent or deep questions around how you feel about our beloved Cubase for it is the place where our minds go when we sleep. :sunglasses: