Cubase 7 questions including comping

I personally can’t stand the new comping style introduced in 6.5. It was simple in the earlier versions. No dragging, clicking and comp tool necessary…just record the punch on a lane and finished.

In Cubase 7 is there any option of changing back to the former “lane” style of comping that Cubase 5 and previous versions offered? Also, have they done anything to put the automation directly on top of the soundwave? Instead of having to put open a new lane for every automation parameter needed?

I keep waiting for them to do something with the workflow, including the automation, constant opening and closing of windows, tedious…just sayin’.

Instead, Steinberg just messes with the mixer? What’s up with this…the other mixer was just fine the way it was.

Okay, I’m hoping.


I find the new mixer much, much better from a workflow standpoint, which seems to be what you’d like Steinberg to focus on…

I do agree with some of your other workflow gripes though - such as being able to view and edit automation without needing to open an automation lane. I also prefer the comping and lanes of Studio One (more like PT playlists). Hopefully Steinberg improves that.

What about the comping feature?

Have they allowed an option in Cubase 7 to allow the comping to be like it was prior to 6.5?

AFAIK, comping in 6.5 offers new and old style comping. In 6.0 you only had the comp tool and had to use it, but in 6.5 (and my guess is, 7.0) if you don’t use the little hand you just have the old style comping.

Please tell me there still LANES…
This post implies that Lanes are gone.
There is no benefit at all in Logic’s style of comping.

PLEASE do not get rid of Lanes, as it would be a mistake to do so, would hinder workflow tremendously.

I don’t know why that whole “it only plays if it’s highlighted” confusing
comp style ever came to be in other apps such as Logic, but it is incredibly

Yes, leave the lanes.

Get rid of the “having to have automation opening on a new lane.” Let us have automation on top of the soundfile.


+1 for automation curves on top of the audio parts. This will make viewing and adjusting mix automation a lot quicker and more efficient because it’ll take up a lot less screen space.

With an option to unfold them into their own tracks as well please Steinberg, for when we’ve got 6 lanes of automation that we need to adjust or view together but clearly.