Cubase 7 : recording audio from externally triggered VST

I’ve recently bought a Cirklon sequencer and I’m using it to trigger drums in Battery 4 in Cubase 7.0.7

Now that the Cirklon is sequencing, Cubase is acting as multitrack recorder.

What I’d like to do is record each individual channel on Battery (I assign each sound into its own output) onto a separate audio track so that I can mix and process in a separate session afterwards.

The only solution I’ve found for this so far is to create a group channel for each individual Battery output Channel, route the Battery channel to the group channel, and then create an audio track and route the group channel to the new audio track for recording.

Obviously doing this x16 or more is annoying and impractical. Yes, I could group more than one track and record, but my preference would be to have each individual Battery channel as an audio track.

Is there any clever trick or solution that I’ve missed?



Not a solution, but you could save a track as a template to make it easier for future tracks and projects.

Thanks, yeah. I can’t see any other way to do it. I’ll create 16 group tracks and 16 audio tracks to accompany the 16 battery tracks, then just hide the battery and group channels on the mixer. Inelegant but keeps things a bit tidier at least.

Or have a second mixer just as the group mixer. Saves hiding & unhiding. Not at my rig at the moment but I’m sure you can save that as a named mixer.