Cubase 7 resell question


I upgraded for 6.5 to 7. My box and install CDs are for 6.5

I have went through Steinberg wizard and found my license is transferrable. How can the person I sell it to get Cubase 7 program to install. The actual file? Thanks

No, the activation code.

How does someone download Cubase 7 without the DVD’s. If I sell them the license, how can they get a copy of Cubase 7?

That is what I meant.

Alternatively, pass on the box (DVDs, etc) as well as the license? - That way the new owner could install and upgrade in the way you did.

I wouldn’t think that would work. I mean would they not have to pay for the upgrade then?

No, not if they’ve acquired your license.

You do realise that, once you’ve sold your C7 license, you won’t have a C6 license (because it’s been subsumed into your C7 license)?

When the new owner has the dongle, and the licence is transferred to their name via Steinberg resell, the new owner is then in full possession, and is free to download (as you are now) all the upgrades and updates which are available via the download section on the Steinberg website.

Ok, I see where I can download the full version in Myaccount. I will download it and burn to dvd to include with my sale.

Thanks for the help.