Cubase 7: Reverb Insert Problem

I have recently encountered a problem that doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does . . .

When I’m recording a MIDI track and attempt to insert Reverb A, it only allows the Default setting; on top of this, it doesn’t permit any adjustments to the amount of reverb. You pretty much get what you get.

Any suggestions? I open the floor to the best forum in the world!

You cannot insert an audio plugin into a MIDI track.

Also, a reverb really isn’t suitable as an insert effect to an audio or instrument track either. I would recommend using it as a send effect.

Generally, I’d agree - though there is no hard and fast rule; a dedicated (and automated) reverb insert may be perfectly desirable in some cases… :wink:


This is happening only when you are opening an old Project file created in something earlier than Cubase 7.

When you see the Reverb A plug-in in the insert, it looks like this:

!!!Reverb A!!!

That’s because Reverb A is missing. It has been blacklisted by Cubase 7 because it is a pre-VST2.3 plugin . When you click on it in the Insert slot to bring up its editor, you will be presented with that functionless default editor pane.

You need to replace it with a recent ( VST2.3 or VST2.4 or VST3) reverb plugin.

If you have to have that sound, I would suggest opening the older version of Cubase that you used to create the original Project and Export that track to Audio and bring it into C7.