Cubase 7 sending cc0# only on stopping playback

We’re having a problem sending midi controller messages from Cubase 7 to an external GT-8 foot pedal.
The midi data is to change patch on the pedal board, and was recorded in track by originally pressing the pedal on the board. The midi message is PC (number) followed by CC0(number). For some unknown reason the pc message is always sent correctly, but the cc0 number (used to send the patch bank instruction to the GT-8) is only being sent when the track is stopped.
Any help to resolve would be appreciated - the part patch changes is driving us mad…

Thanks in advance


Aloha R,

To send any MIDI message I alway insert it directly
(anywhere in the timeline) by using the ‘List Editor’.

If your MIDI message is in the correct place but is ‘saying’
the wrong info, while in the List Editor,
double click on the ‘Data’ field and change the
‘CC’ or ‘PC’ to whatever is appropriate.