Cubase 7, Share the Love!

First impressions.

Love it. Everything loads quicker. It feels really slick. Its not crashing when you close which 6.5, 6 & 5 did on my system (and I believe on many others) did. Its always the first thing I do is tweak the look of the thing. Not decided on a final way to go but its very possible to make this thing look amazing.

I believe you can drag n drop effect settings but im having some trouble doing this. >>??? (Any help anyone?)

Its a bit weird trying to navigate around. Its like you have to think for a second, ‘oh wow I can just do it from the mixer’, But this is definitely massive progress.

The meters are to die for. Ive been looking around for a 3rd party meter for a little while now… Well problem solved now anyway. Ive changed them all to yellow and blue.

Very exciting update anyway. Huge progress!

Usually im the kinda guy who doesn’t go along with hype. Well in this instance the hype isn’t strong enough. Cubase 7 is great.

No problems This end!

I like it too. Taking a little time to get used to the new mixer. But after that it’s just great to use, and a beauty to look at! :wink:


Loving it here too the features are making my head spin. :stuck_out_tongue:

Definitely loving the meters. It’s great being able to set the color switch points at exact dBFS values numerically, to make it make more sense against my hardware meters.

That being said, it would be nice to be able to set the color values by numbers or at least be able to save some colors to a palette so I can have the exact same colors… minor point but the OCD in my part kicks in. :smiling_imp:

I think I will spend lots of time tweaking to fine-tune the configuration. I already disabled the effects rack exclusivity in MixConsole for my large monitor, although I could see it being really convenient for laptop screens. :slight_smile:

Looking good so far,must delve deeper

One thing im noticing. My ASIO meter sure seems a little higher than what it was before. I mean its not at a problem kind of level but its further up than it was and thats a little worrying.

Is that just me?

Had it a few hours and love it… Mixer is A1++++++++++

Thanks Steinberg :slight_smile:

Have to agree. Been messing with it for about 3 an half hours now. The scalability brings so much to the game. ive got all 3 set up in different ways, but each has its own merits. I was worried you wouldn’t be able to control 3rd party plugs well through it, but its great in this respect. Its set out well, it looks the business. And you can just get rid of anything that’s not of use to you. Genius!