Cubase 7 & SKI remote?

Can not find a way to have the SKI remote work since I use Cubase 7 64bits.

Anyone cn help?

Yeah its not there - has it ever been in any 64 bit version? Is there any chance it will be implemented in the next fix?

i can just add, what a smart move to release a certain piece of software just to be not useable anymore with the next major software release.
no modular approach? what about refactoring?
their developers or head of developers are definitely lacking proper planning.

For PC there is (if it’s the ipad remote thing we’re talking about):

Have you tried installing it again after installing Cubase 7? The installer drops a file in your Components folder.


I WON’T agree with you on that. Although I miss the SKI remote myself, I’ve been developing software for long enough to appreciate the incredible step ahead that was made with C7. I definitely prefer temporarily loosing the SKI if it’s the small price to pay to have such a huge ans usefull update.

Software users are eften too quick on criticism, not knowing the incredible workload that stands behind software development, particularly when low level programming (close to the processor code, assembly language and C++) is necessary for such a sofisticated and efficient audio app to work that well.

My congrats to the steinberg team!

By the way, I found a better than SKI workaround: I use an iPad app that sends and receive midi control data to cuBase. I tried some of them and built a custom remote control that goes far beyond the rather restricted SKI.

try “Touch OSC” and “TB MIDI stuff”. Both are very good, and require you to install a wifi2midi driver on your computer. See instructions.

I will not return to SKI remote as what I built with TB MIDI Stuff is 10 time more adequate for my needs, and will evolve as my needs changes.

ok listen im general manager of an it company havign about 60 people working,
i used to code assembler, c++,php,Ajax,AS1,2,3 etc… and i know definitely that releasing software that is unstable in an enterprise environment gets your ass kicked. but they dont fear single users. the approach is no thought out and there is no proper approach…
all features new to the software are useless if the core gets jeopardized and unstable.
stop being a fan boy and admit the truth

What did you use C for?

H.E.B. if you have nothing positive to say, don’t say it. I too run an IT company and if you were a customer of mine you would be at the bottom of my Xmas Card List.

Is he what they call a Troll? - the kind that goes on forums and just write shit to make shit happens!
I read others of his pots on other threads and about nothing positive is coming out of his posts. More than that, lots of his posts sounds like lies when he is questioned by others about the utility or seriousness of his negative posts. According to him he’s rich and famous being a software development king, but is unable to have cuBase installed properly. According to him, we should be yelling about steinberb instead of trying to help.

Time lost.

The release or the new, STABLE and USEFULL new Cubase iC Pro remote software solves this debate.

Thanks steinberg

(signed: Your best fan boy) :mrgreen: