Cubase 7 Slow display with lot of midi lanes.

Hi everyone!
Like the title says I’ve been having real slow display performance when zoomed in into an area with lots of midi events, lots of midi lanes. The problem is solved by glueing everything, merging all midi containers. I’d rather keep the lanes separate though…
I find this crazy as I have a decent computer with more than average FPS on everything else…3dgames, Hi res photo etc… GPU driver is up to date.
I did experience this on other machine with Cubase 6.


Thank you :slight_smile:

First, you probably need to list your computer/hardware/software specs. Then we can give some thoughts on this matter. I see you are talking about CB7 but are you up to date with the latest version available?

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Thank you,
I updated my signature with my computer’s specification.
Cubase is up to date. I remember having the same issue with C6 a while ago.
As soon as I have a lot of midi event and/or lot of separate midi lane or a lot of chopped up events the zoom in-out becomes really jerky so as the scrolling. The audio performance are fine.
It really seems to be graphic related. Anyone experienced poor video perdformance with a heavy session?!?
Never had this problem with C5. Is cubase using the accelerated graphic adapter?

Thanks again