cubase 7 speakers?

Hi…I have recorded a midi piece but on play back can only hear it on my audio device headphones…the question is how do I hear it from the computers speakers if I so chose?..cubase 7.0 new IMac 2.9 osx 10.8.3…I looked in device manager but it dont say anything upon the computers speaker system…ty Barry

Try VST connections!


Your question is pretty abstract to give a definite answer.
I assume your audio device to be a keyboard. So you have successfully connected it up via midi (USB or MIDI port you don’t say). Upon playback you can hear the part being played on the phones attached to the Keyboard.
Have you connected the audio out of the Keyboard to an input of the Computer audio interface? Have you created, routed, and monitor enabled an audio track in addition to the existing Midi track?

Ty…I should have said audio midi interface…presonus…not a keyboard…never said anything about a keyboard…all monitoring can be heard from my audio interface…I can not find any device manager except that in vst connections I would have to change output to the computer speakers but then that also changes the input as well…in logic pro 9 you can have input as the audio device and the playback come thru the computer speakers…cubase 7 does not allow this