Cubase 7 Stereo In & Out Pair

Hey Buds,

Really hoping someone can help me out here.

Cubase 7.0.6 sees my 2 audio interfaces in the Devices Set up>VST Audio section alright, but only allows 1 stereo pair of ins & outs, even though both interfaces offer numerous ins & outs.

In fact, all the ins & outs are even listed, and show as ‘Visible’, but are otherwise ‘Inactive’ in the next column, except for the first 2. This is even when there’s a signal coming through to the input port, so I’m thinking it should see it as ‘Active’ but doesn’t.

I ran CCleaner, uninstalled & re-installed Cubase - restarted in between each step & I’ve un-installed & re-installed the drivers for both, & did a few more restarts throughout, which made no difference at all.

Also, updating from 7.0.5 to 7.0.6 today did nothing.

Or is there another way to just make them ‘Active’ again?

Thanks for your time & consideration to help,


I take it you have been adding busses in your connections ?

When I click for the input in an Audio track & add a bus, it only shows as ‘Stereo In’, but I’m now thinking you may mean in another area.

to be able to use more than one stereo pair you have to first setup your connections by adding busses so you can choose what pair you wish to use .

OK, so is that done in one of the menus, like in Device Set up or something?

Just going to look through the manual, but if you have a quick note to reply with, that would be great.

In the Devices > VST Connections menu… go to the Inputs tab and Add Bus.

Ok - I will go give that a whirl right now.

Thanks Buds.

Ok - that’s the missing link for me.

I had forgotten that I had set up a template and saved it already, as I’m still new to Cubase coming from 2 other DAWs.

For some reason it disappeared, and I forgot that that’s where I set it up originally.

The ‘VST Connections’ didn’t jog my memory, as this is purely ‘Audio’ & not ‘VST’ to me.

My preset was still in there.

But after adding a few busses just now, and the closing & re-opening Cubase, it seemed that I had to go back and do it all over again.

So does that mean I have to ‘Store’ my set up or it will disappear each time?

Shouldn’t have to, but makes sense for quick recall I guess.

no it should remember but make a preset so just in case it does lose connection or you turn your interface on after starting Cubase you can set it up again quickly

Yes - seems the best way to go.
It was nice to see my original preset in there - and bamm - I was ready to go just like that.

I’ll take some time now and do few more and save them right away for sure.

Thanks for your input & help - and to ‘ManChicken’ as well!


The busses are saved as part of the project, so if you want a default configuration do it in a template project. See page 27 & 58 of the Operations Manual.

OK, thanks for the tip.