Cubase 7 suddenly wont play audio clips

Working on a score mix and for no reason the recorded audio tracks go silent, as if Cubase cant read the recorded files.

A re-boot solves this, and normally I encounter this issue about once a month. However today, this issue happened twice in one hour.

I noticed this with Cubase 7, all versions since release.


correction, not a reboot of windows, but closing Cubase , and then re-open Cubase project file solves the issue, until the next tile it happens

Is it your audio interface disconnecting…do you lose metering and any other playback as well or just audio files??
Did you try resetting asio device?
Might help if you give a little more info about your setup.

Thanks, Yes, Audio cards still connected and working, vst plug ins work, meters work for everything except the audio tracks when playing them.

Hard drive is internal , dedicated to project files, logged 100 s. of hours on this drive with no other issues.

Newer i7 3rd gen PC. No. Other issues , performed well for last score project,

I have about 8 years of cubendo experience so really stumped on this one.