Cubase 7 tells me audio files are missing from HSO

I recently upgraded to Cubase 7 and to my surprise, Halion Symhonic Orchestra is no longer supported. Instead it is part of Halion Sonic SE now. The thing is, I can’t get it to work.

I see all my instruments listed and when I load them up in a program, they load up, the HSO plugin editor displays correctly and the key range of the instrument is properly displayed as well. However, I always get an error message telling me that “Some audio files are missing. Check the installation.” No audio is playing. The instrument is entirely silent.

I am pretty sure I installed all the files but sadly with the mess that the installation of HSO is, it is hard to tell, really. I’ve been trying to tell the plugin where to find my content - the way we could do in HSO - but I cannot find where this option is in Halion Sonic SE.

Does anyone have any ideas what might be going on here and how I could perhaps find out what the real problem is. A list of all the files that should be in my HSO directory would be helpful, too.

Thanks for any pointers.

For the missing files problem, I can only recommend a re-install as a possible solution.
For the instrument making no sound at all, most (all?) of the instruments in HSO have the volume tied to the Expression CC which is by default linked to the Modulation Wheel. Turn the Modulation Wheel up and see if you get any sound.

Thanks for the suggestions, jasian. I tried, but even with the expression all the way up, there is not a sound.

Re-installing HSO is also not that simple. Sadly the installer for HSO is no longer working under Apple’s latest OSX version, which means you have to copy everything by hand - a task that is tedious at best. It is what I did after updating Cubase the other day. If there were a list somewhere that shows which files should be part of the HSO installation that would help, but the way it is, Steinberg leaves HSO users completely neglected and without any help. Especially abandoning a package like HSO entirely and not even offering some sort of a proper installation path/update that allows users to at least use it in the future is outright insulting in my opinion.

Either way, it is still not working and I’m not sure what to do any more. I suppose, continuing to try and find out how Cubase allows me to define the content path for HSO might do the trick but the software has become so convoluted over the years that it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Again, if anyone has any ideas that might help me track down what this missing file error actually refers to would be most appreciated. :frowning:

Does no one have any more ideas? It truly sucks that I’ve paid hundreds of dollars for Software and was forced into Cubase updates I didn’t need or want, only to find out that nothing really works anymore afterwards.

There has to be a way to debug this piece of software to find out what the problem is and to figure what causes the “audio files missing” error messages.

Interestingly, when I started HSO stand-alone, I did not get the error message and sound output works just fine. The problem seems to be in Cubase 7. Or am I missing something? What’s with this “Rewire” stuff? What is that? Do I need this and if so, how do I use it? Since Steinberg is not offering any documentation how HSO is supposed to work in the new version of Cubase, I’m truly lost.

Any help or suggestions would be truly appreciated.

I happen to be lucky with HSO, unlike The Grand, where I am able to use a version that I had installed long ago, and it has survived towards OS 10.6 and Cubase 6.5.

Had a HD crash, just moved the samples to another HD, and under settings/prefs/whatever, there is a locate sample button.

Manually find the folder where you have placed the files, you will have to load sections one by one, and it will forget the path for each project.

Its the best I can do, to not have wasted my cash on this library. By the way, there is also bridge, once you find your samples, that is the second half of battle.

Evidently, the problem lies much deeper than expected, but thanks to a download from the Steinberg support staff I’ve been able to fix the problem. :slight_smile:

Great news!

i have the same problem (old DVD will not re-install the sounds, so, halion sonic player knows the sample but always tells it is “some audio files missing”).

of WHAT kind was the help of the stein berg staff? PLEASE share!

best boKens