Cubase 7 Tempo Change Problem


I have an issue where when I draw a tempo change with the pencil tool (like a ritardando) but want the content of the next bar to remain the same as the previous tempo, it moves all my markers and midi events, audio etc forward. eg: I’m changing the tempo of bar 9 and have some content that starts on the first beat of bar 10, when I draw the tempo change (ramp), the things on bar 10 will move forward. I’ve tried locking the instrument tracks but it still moves my content and markers up even if I manually change the tempo back to the original at bar 10. Am I missing something? and if there a way to solve this issue without having to manually move everything back to the first beat?

Any help would be much appreciated!!

You have to learn about the Musical and Linear time bases for tracks: Events on tracks in Musical time base move with the barlines, in Linear they move with minutes.

E.g., on a track set to musical time base at 60 bpm, an 8 bar part will be 48 seconds long, When you change the tempo 120, it will take only 24 seconds to play, and still be 8 bars long.

With the same track set to linear time base the part’s duration in seconds will remain the same when you change tempos, but the length in bars will change.

In this case you would set the tracks whose events you don’t want to move to linear before adding the tempo ramp. (and change it back afterwards if you like)