Cubase 7 / The Grand 3 / Temporary Audio Dropout on Load

All –

First, let me say how much I enjoy TG3 (I started with The Grand 2). But I am having a small problem.

Anyone seeing this with Cubase 7 and The Grand 3?

  • Create and load a new CB7 template which includes TG3
  • Select the TG3 track
  • Start playing a few notes on TG3 via MIDI keyboard
  • Everything sounds great for the first 4-5 seconds, then all sound stops (midi still incoming)
  • After about 30 seconds, sound is restored and is fine for the rest of the session

It’s as if TG3 doesn’t fully load upon opening the template, then decides to wake up when you decide it’s time to start really playing it. Why the drop out?

Anyone from Steinberg familiar with the issue?