Cubase 7 to 7.5 update... preferences?

Hi all…

I just installed 7.5. I noticed all my input’s and outputs along with my preferences are not there. Is this normal? Is it required to make all new ones for 7.5? Is there no way to import them from what I had on 7? Or did the install mess up a bit?

You didn’t say how you installed - whether you first uninstalled 7, installed overtop, or parallel.
I installed 7.5 parallel to 7 and it seems to have maintained all my preferences.

I installed 7.5 parallel to 7 and it did not maintain any of my preferences.

Unfortunately, there is no “import all preferences” option in Cubase, as far as I know. I had to copy the preferences (xml files and stuff) over manually from my 7.0-folder.

Cubase 7.5 scans for settings from previous versions during the first start. But unless you have a complicated signal flow or lots of KeyCommands, I don’t recommend anybody carrying old preferences to a newer major version.

Hello Felipe,

Although I -always- appreciate whenever any SB person shows up here. At the risk of sounding snippy:

Cubase should be able to properly import Preferences from a previous version.

Full stop.

It was less of an issue back when there were only a few dozen settings, but now with the literally hundreds of preferences, it is unrealistic to expect users to ‘remember’ them and re-input them manually. It’s just not cool to say that this state of affairs is OK. Some of those prefs… which seem so trivial… can drive ya nuts if they don’t work as expected.


I currently have both 7 and 7.5 on my system.

Question: How many settings are there and where do I find them?