Cubase 7 to 7.5 : Where are my keyboard shortcuts?

:imp: Hello,

I did an upgrade to Cubase 7 to 7.5 and I lost my keyboard shortcuts (long prepared). I tried to get the Cubase 7, but seeks an extension. Key while the old one. Xml.

Steinberg can forget how the transfer at the time of installation? Abyssal mystery. :cry:


Also btw: Cubase 7 prefas are at ~/Library/Preferences/Cubase 7/

7.5 prefs are at ~/Library/Preferences/Cubase 7.5/

Thank you once again Steve. Steinberg, sometimes great, really asleep on some aspects. The most unpleasant is that they do not say why …Why not plan a transfer preferences or tell the customer how to fix an obvious problem. The answer can it be: who cares?

Steinberg do have a complete knowledge base, that tells customers how to fix obvious problems. Most Users here simply seem to be to “busy” to look for solutions themselves…

Yeah … then no need for manual … we’ll take care of himself … Seriously, I think you can understand the responsibility of a creator of software product when it imposes a new version (and its cost). It should provide for the transfer with minimal accident. It’s very simple.

IIRC, all my preferences and settings were transferred from C7.06 to C7.5 automatically, so it seems they must have done something to “transfer with minimal accident”.

Maybe. Possible. Indeed, there are few complaints about it. But my system is however in order. Steinberg should seek the cause. Thank you for the information.

How can they seek the cause, if you´re not even posting your system…?
Or is the answer “who cares”…?

Okay, it’s done.