Cubase 7 trial and UR 22

Downloaded Cubase 7 trial to my lap top and bought the steingberg UR22 interface.

This is fooling around with the chord track. For some reason it is peaking my device performance almost so it won’t run. Any ideas of ways to fix this would be appreciated.

Also tried the harmonization which sounds kind of phasey. Any way to make this sound more real?

Anyway, here’s a link to my test song which is about a minute long.

HAHA :laughing: what the hell are you on about man, this sounds friggin awesome!! :laughing:

that sounds nice .as regards the harmonies phasing it might because the sounds are too much alike. in melodyne you can alter the the timing and quality (formant) of the copyied file so they dissociate one another to a degree and it works pretty well , i haven`t come across that in 6.5 .maybe try the reverse phase switch for one of the files on the mixer channel .

I echo wyatt earp’s comment…Kevin

I think the song works really well actually :slight_smile:
It may not be intentional, but the harmonies sound really smooth this way.

This project probably takes up so much CPU power because you are realtime timestretching those harmonies.

Don’t change anything! Sounds perfect to me as it is !! Michael

I figured out why I was peaking so bad. I had my laptop set to eco power. Changed that and it’s working great now.

I’m really liking cubase 7.

One trick I read about for the harmonies is to set the vibrato down around to about 50 percent.