Cubase 7 Trial eLicenser activation crashing

Hi there,

I’m considering upgrading to Cubase 7 64bit from Cubase 4 64bit running Windows 7 … the eLicenser Control Center crashes as it tries to activate my trial version of Cubase 7.

Any ideas? The eLicenser is plugged into the USB port and is working fine for Cubase 4 … its just that the eLicenser Control Center crashes after I enter the activation code … the code is good, the Control Center identifies it as a Cubase 7 trial … the green ‘wait until I’m finished’ line gets to about an inch long, then it crashes.

Any help appreciated.


Hi there darrenpowell,

The C7 trial doesn’t actually require the presence of a USB eLicenser ( dongle) it should just use the SeL system instead -(Software eLicenser) which is based upon your hardware, and shows up in the eLicenser utility as an alternative means of activation (look for a picture of a hard drive in the eLicenser utility). If you click on that in the left panel it should filter the license(s) displayed on the right panel and the C7 trial should be one of them (at least from what I’m aware)!

Anyway, forgive me babbling, have you checked that you are using the latest version of eLicenser (you could try that if you haven’t already and also be sure to run maintenance too) but failing that the following link might be able to help.

A little while back a user experienced an issue with installing the trial version over an existing installation, however he was able to install it but it kept on reverting back to his previous version when he started it (he was trying to install C7 trial over purchased C7 Artist). However you could follow the guide that steinberg set out for him at the end of the thread and see if this helps - if not you might have to message Steinberg directly (unless someone else comes to your rescue)!

Hope this helps,

Kat :slight_smile: