Cubase 7 trial will not start

I was trying to test out Cubase 7 to see if it worked wanted to really try the new mixer however…it will not go past the project assistant. The project assistant is completely white and windows 7 freezes, the only thing I can do is turn off the computer or log off the account. I cannot use task manager as it is also frozen. I have no other devices connected other then elicenser on a Clevo Laptop. Before that it would just not even open project assistant and Cubase will just show the background color, that was until I removed hubservice. Besides that I do have latest .net and windows updts. Any clues? :neutral_face: Have tried re-installing a couple of times, even with no plugins. Also trashed preferences. Cubase 6.5 runs fine.

Cubase 7 32 bit will run, but freezes as soon as I try to import an audio file so it’s…not very functional.