Cubase 7 trying to hear audio...

Hi, I have cubase 7 . Im hooked up using my guitar to my Pod to M-audio fast track pro interface to the computer. I see a signal when i strum on cubase, I can hear the guitar out of the speaker, but dont hear any play back after recording something. Also i cant hear the metronome. I went to Device Setup and under the ASIO drivers I already set it to the M-audio fast track pro. What is missing?? I dont hear any play back after recording something. I hear playback and everything works fine on my Reaper program. please help! thanks

Have you disabled the track’s “monitor” button before playback?

Check your “VST Connections”. Make sure “Click” is enabled for your output bus.

If im not mistaken, i think youre referring the Monitor button to the button thats just to the right of the record button on the left hand side of the track, correct?? When i press it, theres a hissy sound, but ive always remembered never having to turn that button on or off and i could still record…

Also the metronome, i went to VST connections, then output to set the click on and it works, i can hear it, but then when i go to the studio tab, i connect both the left and right to out 1 and 2, the click is off again and i have to go back to the output tab. Do i have to save the setting somehow before changing tabs?? i dont understand.

Can we establish if you are actually recording anything…do you see the waveform after recording?

Regarding the click and studio tab…unless you know that you need to use the Control room your best bet is to disable outputs in the studio tab and use the output tab only…If you have a specific need for the control room then you’ll need to set up click within the control room and should disconnect the stereo out in the output tab (but leave it there unconnected)

Grim, thanks for your response as well. Im now able to figure out how to record and playback something and hear it, i just had to right click = Add new track. lol, i used the very first track the project started with and for some reason the Waveform wasnt showing up. Im like an Extreme Noob at this program, haha I hope these general forums are ok for my kind of questions!!!

If you are using the Control Room for monitoring, you should leave the outputs of the the main (mix) output bus, in VST Connections - Outputs, unassigned. You should only assign these if you are using some kind of external recording device for you mixdowns. Then they, obviously, should be assigned to some other audio interface outputs, than those used by monitoring.

About your clicking problem. Have you activated “Click” in the monitor section?