Cubase 7 tutorials


I just bought Cubase 7 and I was searching for the four hours of free tutorials.
Are they on one of the cd from the box or do I need to download them somewhere ? I saw that here I can enter a coupon code but I don’t know what it is…

Thanks for helping,

you get all the free tutorials you need in the Steinberg hub inside Cubase 7 , It connects to the internet and you have a choice of basic and advanced tutorials :wink:

Thank you ! :slight_smile:

IF you can get the hub to connect that is! It’s another one of SB’s bloopers that has never worked properly for many people and has since fallen into silence as most people elect to bypass it on loading.

It’s about time that SB supported the this “new feature” the hub with clear instructions/support for the many people for which it has never worked.

The ‘Hub’ does connect for me with no probs but
once connected; it is IMHO, pretty useless.