Cubase 7 update wont install!!

Hey guys so I’m trying to run the cubase update 7.0.1 and everytime i run the setup wizard a message box pops up saying “windows has stopped working” (but my computer isn’t frozen at all and runs perfectly fine). Reinstalled cubase 7 and tried again…nothing works. I am so ticked off right now. I spent $250 to buy cubase artist 6.5 (which froze everytime i opened the midi scroll, hense why i updated to 7 hoping it would be better) and i just bought a brand new acer aspire M3450 with an amd 8 core processor, 16 gb, of RAM 2 terabytes of hard drive…the thing is faster than the speed of light…this is such an annoyance. i bought all this new gear to take my studio to the “next level” and all cubase and steinberg is doing is bending me over and plowing me in the butt…come on guys get your stuff together… Cubase 7 is a joke right now…but i paid the money for it so if someone could please help me out, it would be greatly appreciated. Cause the world knows im not getting my $300 dollars back…and i cant record anything either. THANKS STEINBERG!! I just wan’t to install this update to see if it fixes the problems I am having with Vari Audio 2. It doesn’t even show up at all in cubase…and it is my favorite “tool” or “function” in cubase. really need to be able to use vari audio. gahhh so frustrated. :imp: