Cubase 7 upgrade from Cubase 4/5 ISSUE

Hi There,

I ordered the Cubase 7 Full version upgrade from 4/5 because i’m was a 5 user till now.
The darkblue box arrived before Christmas, but when i opened i was a bit surpriesed, because
on the license page with the serial number was written this:
Cubase 7 Artist update from Cubase 4/5.
And the serial number starts with 0240. (photo attached)

Anyone can confirm it is an upgrade to the Full Version despite it’s written upgrade to Artist version.
I payed the Full upgrade price and i want the Full version - not the Artist version, the package is dark blue,
but this license page is totally confusing…

Thank you!
Cubase Artist 7 update from Cubase 4&5 serial_edit.jpg

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