Cubase 7 Videoplayer Performance

Dear Users,

i’ve got a problem with Videoperformance under Cubase 7, but mine is a bit different, so i decided to open up a new thread. Hope that’s ok!

I am doing Sound Design for a animation short movie right now.
My main problem is: I can open the movie in Cubase (Cubase 7.0.2) and it seems to run fluent in the video player. Now i add an audio track and an audio file. The video performance is now really instable right when the Audio file begins.

The movie is original a .mov, H264. I did some extensive Internet research and converted the movie into other formats ( with the Codecs AppleResPro, H264). Also set the resolution to a minimun and converted smaller data rate. I also followed the instructions on Steinbergs Support page for video.

The problem is still the same: The movie stops running fluent when i add an audio track. So it is impossible to work with picture.
I’ve done older projects with the same system and no problems. Also movies in HD.

My system specs are as following:

2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
4 GB Arbeitsspeicher (1067 MHz DDR3)
Snow Leopard

Cubase 7 should be installed on OS X 10.8, i know.
Until now, everything worked fine, so i can not really believe, that this is the problem.

Could someone please help me with these problems? I am quite desperate right now…

Thank you!

Kind regards,



I’m having a very similar issue with Cubase 5 and 8 - I’ve started a thread, just waiting for mod approval and it will be posted…

Praying that there’s a Cubase 8 video performance patch just around the corner…