Cubase 7 vs 6.5 OS X performance: get in touch with us!

I agree. I have had to double my buffer size in Cubase 7 compared to Cubase 6 for the same performance on the same tracks. 256 samples was very usable in Cubase 6.5, however, I need to go to 512 at a min to get the same performance in Cubase 7 or I am greeted with constant ASIO meter issues, crackles, bombing out during real time exports etc.

This is all in Windows 7 64 bit.

For me, it is too early to say. I run a pretty high spec and therefore haven’t really experienced any issues in regards to performance.

If the coming update irons out some of the major issues with GUI and such, I would say the overall experience of using Cubase for 80 or so hours a week is much better. There are still some extremely irritating bugs & crashes though, just the same as 6.5.3…

Also… MixConsole would fit perfectly on an iPad screen. Just saying. :wink:

A new wonderful bug under cubase 7.0.1 and osx 10.7.5… ghost in the machine

How about this same poll for Windows users, that would be most enlightening. :confused:

great idea. Would be interesting to see just how many of us windows users are having the same kinds of issues. fromm other threads i have read, this doesn’t seem to be just an OS X users issue

If I view the CPU Performance Device in Cubase it looks normal, even low. The problem is that I and others seem to be getting spikes. When I get a spike the meter pegs out and there is a 1 to 2 sec audio drop. They can happen every 3 to 5 minutes and they can happen with just 1 plugin enabled.

I am having this same kind of issue. I can run a session in Logic with the same plugins/VIs and will get far better performance. It’s crucial for me to track with a buffer setting at 64 for guitar tracks. In Cubase 7, the intermittent processor spikes are really annoying.

This is the first time since I bought my first copy of Cubase (v.1 for mac, 't was the year of our Lord 1990!) that I am sorry I upgraded. Thank goodness I kept 6.5 on my machine. I find myself having to go back to 6.5 every day.

I am running the fastest MacBook Pro Retina Display money can buy. 16 GB of RAM. Solid State Drive. Blablabla.
Cubase 7 stalls, burps, slows to a crawl, etc… I definitely experience the 20% or so cpu usage increase many mac users are reporting. As a result many of the sessions that were previously working for me are impossible to open in 7.

I do like the new interface and new features. I just can’t feel confident using 7 until all these issues are dealt with once and for all.

Aloha guys,

C7 about the same performance as C6.5

And even tho C7 has up to this point, been rock solid in performance:

I too cannot seen to ‘feel’ C7 yet.

If I use only Steiny plugs (ugh) Cubase just works and works.
It’s only when I start to add in 3rd party stuff that a sort of
‘trap door’ opens and I have to avoid stepping on it.

Cubase on Mac,…just fine
Cubase on Mac with 3rd party stuff,…‘ya take yer chances’


On a brand new 12-core Mac Pro, I am getting significant graphics slowdowns after Cubase is open for a while, or when the key editor is open and the grid value is set to 16th, 32nd, or 64th note resolution - the higher the res, the slower. And I’m talking about 1-2 second “pauses” when doing any MIDI note editing, zooming in/out, etc EVERY time you make a move. This never used to be a problem in Cubase 6.x.x. Also it takes 2-3 seconds to just open the MixConsole, and 2-3 seconds, again, every time you zoom in/out within it.

they should be, but prob commercial economics dictate, that SB will prob have X times more resource (developers,budget etc) for the WIN platform, given that the bulk of the user community deploys within the
WINdows O/S

If SB, (still) need to run a poll, to figure out how their OSX community is feeling, then it sounds like they do not even have allotted time/resource for their (the) forum personnel to scan through the OSX posts of pain.

Spikes every 1-2 minutes, even with very light project. Osx 10.8.2

I’m using VI’s mainly, Kontakt 5 mostly. Large Orchestration projects. I run at 256 or 512 using a Mac Book Pro Retina 10.8.2 and have good performance. I also use Logic 9 but much prefer the work flow with Cubase 7 as I write to picture and Cubase has the edge here. I’m so glad that cubase 7 can handle my projects so I’m not suck with Logic.

I’m experiencing a minor slower workflow. Especially when opening a project or vst. Not really annoying, it’s ok. But any improvement would be more then welcome off course :wink:

Opening the mixer does take really long… This is sometimes frustrating. Scrolling through the mixer is also very laggy. I like the new design but it does slow me down sometimes.

I’m using the 7.0.2 update at the moment…

I think using a usb 2.0 interface helps a lot

Cubase 7 performance is definitely not as good as 6.5.
For me it’s working without crashes but get asio spikes much faster than 6.5 on same projects.
I don’t think is has to do with my cpu because that’s good if i can believe the activity monitor.
Cubase 7 is doing a good job on distributing equally over all the cores. Still getting spikes though :cry:

With Asioguard turned off, the performance decreases a lot.
Also tried turning off hyperthreading, no good either :smiley:


Macbook pro quad core i7 (2011)
8gb ram
Seagate momentus XT SSD Hybrid harddrive.
Mainly third party plugins!
N.I. Komplete Audio 6 usb interface

Back to 6.5 for now i guess.


Today tested (hopefully that the problem fixed with C 7.0.2.) with Project “Lucky” from the Steinberg-Website.
MacBook Pro Mid 2009, 2.53 GHz, OS X 10.8.2. Built-in Audio and extern Audio-Device Presonus Firestudio Mobile (have the same results):

the peak-meter in the VST-display (F 12) clips and stay at this position until playback will be stopped. The computer freezes for a moment. Tested with the highest buffer-size-setting.

The C 6.5.-performance on the same computer is good. Can not work with C 7 from 5. december until now!

On my system the performance is lower than on 6.5…

It’s just so strange. Here is an example. (See attached) As you can see this is a pretty taxing project. Every track is a VST instrument, mainly comprised of NI Komplete 8 Instruments and Padshop. When I took this screen shot I was in play back mode and the average usage is not bad considering the amount of tracks. Then out of no where PAUSE\AUDIO DROP and both meters spike for a second and then the playback resumes. Could it be making a call out to the dongle? I’m not a programmer but just trying to help solve this issue. This is 7.02 as well. I can load this same file into Cubase 6.5 and not experience one drop. My buffers are set to 1024 in Cubase 7.02 and 512 in 6.5.

I am on 7 with the entry stock Macbook Pro Retina. Running 10.7.5.

It runs decent for the most part. Has definitely improved—the improvement from 7.0 to 7.1 was more palpable than from 7.1 to 7.2 so far.

It’s pretty stable while I am using it, i.e. not a ridiculous amount of CPU spikes. And I am working on pretty big projects with lots of third party inserts and effects channels from Waves and Softube. But every once in awhile it will seemingly randomly close unexpectedly.

It does not like u-he much though. Especially not Diva. I would hate to see how 1.0 of that synth would run (or not run).

I am confident you guys will make it more stable with each update. And of course, retina support would be super cool at some point. But I am not sure how feasible that it is.

It’s pretty stable while I am using it, i.e. not a ridiculous amount of CPU spikes. And I am working on pretty big projects with lots of third party inserts and effects channels from Waves and Softube. But every once in awhile it will seemingly randomly close unexpectedly.

It could be interesting to know wich 3rd parts plugs are u using exactly, and your system configuration. I ask that because my performance it’s spike very early under MacPro quad core 10.7 in 64bit mode. I’m back now to 6.5.4 to work because with C7 I cant do that.