Cubase 7 vs Apogee Duet 2

Hi all,
After a while trying to find an answer on Apogee site and got some helpless reactions i’ve decided to drop this here may be someone has got the same issue. I am running Cubase 7.0.1 32Bit on Imac 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo. 4GB memory and OSX 10.8.2. My sound card is Apogee Duet 2 v2.5.57 en Firmwire 1.31. So everything seems updated to the latest version. At the moment i started a project everything seems fine but after a while the audio starts to skip and glitch. CPU is not even 15 %! Only one vst and some audio channels. Some people said change your sample rate. Didn’t help! I’ve NEVER NEVER had this problem with Cubase 4 and osx 10.6! I hope someone has got a tip as i really don’t want to downgrade to have my work done.
Thanks in advance

Try to turn off “multi processing” option from the “VST Audio System” setup.
This helped me with strange problems with Cubase 7.01/UR824/Core2Duo MacBook Pro.

This is the link to my post in the hardware section:

Thanks!! I have just done that. I will carry on working now on the project and hopefully it is solved.

Aloha M,

Even tho your Apogee Duet has the latest firnware/drivers version,
it still may not be 10.8 ready.
Try checking with the Apogee folks and see your card/drivers is 10.8 ready.
(as it was with 10.6)

They might have newer drivers/firmware for 10.8

HTH (hope this helps)

Thanks bro!! Glitches has stopped and i can work now glitchy less :smiley: Really appreciated! Keep up the good work.

Curteye, Usefull tip! Outside of Cubase i am also experiencing some audio issue. Will definitely keep my eyes open for any new updates. Thanks.

Happy to help, and now i feel less alone with this strange problem. :smiley: