CUBASE 7 & VSL users

When I downloased C7 , I have tryied to put a song composed on 6.5 and I had problem with synchronize at the very begining of the cue ( ) some samples aren’t effective…
Have some VSL use encountered such problems ?
Thank You

I would try inserting 4 bars before the song start.

Usually, on the demos VSL use only one bar, but, to me a song must start at as it does in 6.5.4 ( finally ) and at it does in any early version since cubase 5.
I had encountered the problem in Cubase 6 and was forced to rturn to work with 5 until Steinberg did 6.5.4 …
So , as “once bitten, twice shy” , I wish to make sure everything is ok , from VSL users , who haven’t any problem with Cubase 7 and their VSL composings.
Thank You

Notes at work as they should here. (most recent C7.4 and most recent VSL VEpro and VI Pro)


Further to my previous response:
Testing all kinds of starts with VSL in Cubase while using the VSL provided expression maps for strings; With the notes beginning in bar 2, I have now a peculiar note (C1 in VSL) starting in bar 1, and when the first intended notes are on, the C1 comes in briefly.
Also, the song can start to play without any start command, sometimes even without touching the mouse or whatever.
So there is something not entirely corresponding in the code apparently

Why Steinberg is repeating the same mistake when doing a new Cubase ??? It is beyond me …