Cubase 7 VSt issue

Hey guys,

This may seem a little bit novice but im having an issue with my VST plug-ins.
I was using Cubase 5 on a different computer, i built a new computer with 3 different hard drives, two are brand new and one is split which contains all my old computer stuff like Cubase 5 and VST’s/samples etc.

Ive upgraded to Cubase 7.5 and want to move all my VST’s over to to that hard drive so ive created a VST folder in the Cubase 7.5 folder but it only picks up a couple of the VST’s and not all of them. When C7.5 is loading up it did pick up the plug-ins on the loading screen but they are not present when i go to choose them once the program is up and running.

I hope that all makes sense haha, i know it may be a little bit novice but if anybody could help then that would be great :wink:

I’ve found the best thing to do is to create a new folder which holds the “old” plugins. For instance, I have two folders on my C drive - C:\VST Plugins Free and C:\VST Plugins Paid.

In Devices > VST Instruments I then add both these folders and re-start Cubase, and then I don’t have an issue. It also means I can keep up to date with free plugins on multiple PCs, and also if people want those free plugins it’s easy for me to give them to them all at once without worrying about giving anything away that I shouldn’t.

So, try making a new folder on your C drive with those plugins in and then adding that folder to the list of VST 2 plugins folders and see if that does the trick?

If you move from CB 5 to 7 it might be that many of your old plugs won’t work. Try running CB in 32 bit mode and see if that helps. If so you would most certainly be able to use the plugs in 64 bit by the help of jBridge. Also look for updates on your plugs.

Also note that not all older plugs run on newer computers or after OS upgrades.

If you want more help you need to be specific on which plugs you’re having trouble with. You should also upgrade your profile with similar information that you will find underneath what I write (from my profile) it will make people help you more easy.

Go to Devices/Plug-in Information and make sure that the VST Plug-ins pane is selected. Is the “missing” plug-in included in the list? If so, is the “A” (Active) column checked. If not there is probably some issue with it. Plug-in that are unchecked in the “A” column will not show up in the plug-in menus. Tip! If you for any reason want to remove a plug-in from the Plug-in menus, just uncheck it here.

I have also seen that plug-ins are included in the launch procedure, but don’t show up here. I can only assume that Cubase tries to initialize the plug-in, fails and decides to ignore it. The first things you should do is check the vendors site for any updates. As a matter of fact, you should do this for all you plug-in. Even the ones that seem to work properly. It, nearly always, a good idea to run the most up-to-date versions. Just don’t throw away the installers for the previous (working) version until you’ve tested the update. Just in case the update causes any problems. It’s unusual, but it sometimes happen.

You should be aware of the software that does the check for you:

Note that these appear to be a bunch of betas. Maybe someday down the line. I the meantime, I don’t have plug-ins from that many vendors, that it’s a burden to check them manually. Checking them manually also means I can check for new stuff at the same tome. And no, I do not want any pluginupdate programs that keeps littering my screen with ads!

I’ve had it for 6 months. Haven’t seen an ad yet. I have close to 300 plugs so it comes in very handy. Especially since I have turned off the newsletter option from vendors. Better use the checker than having my mailbox filled up with ads.

My mention of ads was to forego anyone suggesting that the program tells me about new stuff, instead of me doing it while I’m checking the site for updates “manually”.

Sorry for the confusion. I guess I’ll have to make huge postings, anticipating every possible misunderstanding, in the future.

The program only acts upon your “request”. It will then scan your plugs and compare to the latest updates. It does not work in the background and will not automatically tell you of updates. So it is like you do now, only it do it on every one of your plugs at the same time. On one click. It is also perhaps a better “rememberer” than yourself as it finds all your plugs, even the ones seldom used. After the scan you choose which one to upgrade yourself. It only tells you on updates, not new software. You need to have the plug installed already. No ads or any other promotion genereated. It is even less than if you do it one by one and have to call up every homepage of the vendors and pass many ads before you get to the juice. So the less marketing you want the more this is for you (I have no commercial interest in the product. It just works).