Cubase 7 VST Performance

So, I am mixing an album on my laptop, session is about 100 Tracks 88.2/24 Bits.
I couldn’t daisy chain my External Hard drive with my Audio interface because the Disk Cache Load bar was complete full and Audio wont play. I had to copy the session into my desktop and it finally worked.

Until i decided to upgrade to a SSD just for OS and Apps and have the 7200 Drive for Data and Audio.

Now my Average Load Bar and real time peak are always full, making cubase unusable!! Even with an empty sesion, real time peak goes to 15%

i dont think this SSD upgrade will be the cause, since i am now using a dedicated drive for audio and a dedicated drive for apps, this should work even better than before!

i’ve heard people having problems with the performance too, is there any way i could solve this? going back to a spinner drive is not an option, my system boots in 15 seconds!


MBP 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
8 HB 1067 MHz DDR3
128 GB Crucial M4 SSD
500 GB 7200 Rpm HD (Seagate)
Motu Traveler MKI Audio Interface (FW400-800)

Hope you guys can help!!