Cubase 7 - What to like or not?

That would be really bad! It’s a very powerful feature. Dropping such features which were available for years reminds me on the sometimes bad behavior of Apple.

I got the cubase7 upgrade more or less to get a preview of some of the features that may translate into Nuendo 6.
I rarely even use Cubase anymore. All my work is done in Nuendo, song writing and post.

The plugin search function when inserting.
Improvements in metering. Being able to set colors at specific db marks more accurately.
Naming a track when you create it.
Tests for me indicate projects seem to be identical in ASIO performance between cubase 6.5 and 7.
I like the look of the mixer,and some of the new features are pretty slick, but after working with it for some time, I have to say the old mixer seems to be just fine.

NO like:
Wasted space in the mixer when multiple mixers are open.
When viewing inserts on the mixer, the on/off button and drop down list icon and text label of the insert, overlap each other at narrow mixer settings.
Holding down the “e” button to edit and instrument from the mixer. ( give me the same icon in the track list, the little keyboard thingy)
Mixer Zones, need to have preferences on whether or not your remote devices reflect the settings of a zone. Right now, remote devices seem to reflect the track list arrangement regardless of the mixer layout. So if you are using say an Avid artist mix, you are looking at the mix console with your zones setup, then looking down at your faders and your going huh? What am I looking at? You bank the faders and they are skipping all over place cause they are following the arrange page layout.
I going to stop here.
There are too many things about mixer the still need to be tweaked.
This is what is a concern about Nuendo 6, that and .vmx support.

It seems most of the things I like about c7 so far are simply cosmetic.