Cubase 7 - will it support Drag n Drop by then or??

Mediabay is simple and fast. I’ve got my workflow to a point now with my custom tags that almost any specific sound I can come up with in my head I just type a simple keyword/tag in the Mediabay and it pops up instantly! No other DAW (especially S1v2) has media management as simple, fast, and powerful as that!

I’m sorry but I’ll trade “accessible for everyone” (I assume you mean users of other DAWs?) any day for the ability to organize and create my own custom searchable tags for literally ALL my presets from ALL my plugins (including all the presets from all my Reaktor ensembles)!

And BTW, like I said previously, I also would love to see Steinberg implement direct drag n drop to 3rd party plugins. Right now I can drag n drop from the Mediabay (or audio from the arrangement) into a 3rd party plugin with only one extra click (using the VST-XML translator)… but it would be nice to do away with that one extra click and just go direct.

Theres a lot more to drag and drop than fx presets or dropping samples to VSTI’s. A lot more. Way more. Cubase 7 will get some of it I’m sure and minds will change accordingly. I’m a big fan of Cubase and I always treat it fairly when it gets treated unfairly by others, I think it’s a fantastic application.

Having said that, it’s not even in the same league as S1 for drag and drop. The key (imo) is to focus when discussing just that, and not expand the context into a product war. And to not imply that having better drag and drop means the other methods to do those without things drag and drop will suddenly go away… if a person doesn’t prefer using drag and drop for some things.

If I was a wizard and I could wave my magic wand and bring most of S1’s drag and drop functionality to Cubase tomorrow without telling anyone until afterward, and without mentioning another product and engaging various user defense mechanisms, most everyone here would welcome it, and will welcome it when it happens, imo.

Look at it - the drag and drop there - in it’s totality. Not just for presets or samples. If you don’t see anything there potetially useful for Cubase users you’re either blind or just talking a really ridgid and unnessecary defensive position.

Viewing these things objectively (and not as a contest) helps.

sry, i don’t read all but:

Cubase supports VST D&D which is more exactly than
usually xml D&D which seams to be used by the rest of the world…

this programm enables D&D in every application by converting “VST D&D” to “xml D&D” and vers visa…

For you maybe, because you belong to the lucky ones where mediabay doesn’t slowly rescan any folder that is chosen in the browser although it has been scanned 100 times before. Support has no idea why. Or why the scanning itself takes 3 seconds for 50 wav files.
XML translator was Win only last time I checked.

Mediabay is (afaik) a real database, so it’s tagging and cataloging is (imo) well covered. It’s not all that much different from Vega’s Media Manager really which is also a real database.

So yeah, there is an actual difference between listing files in / from various file directories and a real database, especially when it comes to searching and filtering and all that. Mediabay is not everyone’s taste and (granted) it could probably use some tweaking, how it works along with Cubase in a few ways, but it was a good idea imo. Should they not have tied it exclusively to their preset format? Maybe not. Why it can’t also track and catalog fxb or whatever, dunno.

Having a database for media though, is (imo) a good thing.

" Why it can’t also track and catalog fxb or whatever, dunno"

It’s to force user to only use mediabay.

Each time i rec a preset, when i click the button to load it, it’s not there, i have instead a full frame of preset which are not related at all with the part where i’m currently focus on. It’s just a shame. And you want me to use that, lol ?

The Sony Media Manager is slow as well. It’s coded into .Net which is one of the slowest language, beating by Java for sure.

I don’t really need manager, windows explorer and winamp are enought for me. Just let people use the basic fucntion of the OS, like Windows, and don’t force them to use ugly manager.

The one thing I wish Cubase did was allow me to take a plugin from one track and drag it to another track, thus making a copy of it. The only other way to do this is to save the settings as a preset and recall them on aother track using the same plugin.

You can do it in the mixer just by dragging. Don’t think you can in the project window. Would be nice. This is a moving example. I didn’t have a copy example handy. But, you just hold down the modifier to get the copy instead of move.

Did not know you can do in mixer! If it could be done in the project window that would be very convenient!

just the general layout of the track view is not conducive to dragging plugs around. The mixer view is much more appropriate for supporting that process. But, yeah if they could figure out a way to do something like drag it from an insert and just drop it on another track area and just drop it into the first available plugin spot, that would rock.

My sentiments exactly!
+1 Give it a go Steinberg :sunglasses:

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I have also requested these things here in several threads. Drag’n’drop VST’s from Mixer to Project window would be a great workflow benefit. Doing plugin things in-context as Insert fx and then just drop it on the audio events that you want to apply it to.

im sorry but users are not pawns to be “punished” because of company politics and dictatorships. Cubase could be a lot more user friendly but Steinberg “wont let us”?

if they know how many users want proper drag and drop, if they know it will assist in ease of use and a more efficient workflow, if they know that other DAWs already do this, but wont implement it because of company “politics” then it is a very sad day indeed for Cubase. this kind of stifling of progress can destroy a company. i hope this does not happen to my otherwise favourite DAW.

i would rather pretend that this is not the case but instead that the “message just has not got through” about this request to the powers that be.

Hold down the “alt” key and drag and it will duplicate the plugin and the settings instead of taking it from one channel to the other. This has been there since Cubase 5 I believe.

Here’s a few features I’d love to see…

Drop and drag functionality like that of Studio One would be awesome.

Better mixer customizing options would be great. ProTools has better mixer customizing option IMO.

Better side chaining support for third-party plugins

A backround freeze option that would freeze the processing in the background would be cool.

A consolidated one window tabbed workflow

Better support for multi screen displays. Let me put any window anywhere. Let me take parts of windows and put them anywhere. That would be cool!

Bouncing midi tracks to audio tracks with the click of a button, this is different than current freeze functionality because you can’t edit a freeze waveform.

All this being said, Cubase is still no doubt the hands down best DAW in the world. There’s a reason I use it to compose, and even though some other DAW’s have some features that Cubase doesn’t, there are plenty of options that cubase has that the others don’t. Like Control Room. What a fricking killer feature. Where are the other DAW’s on this? Not even close.

If Steinberg really wants to stay in the game, they may need to adjust their prices a little to compete with Studio One, and if they integrated some of the features listed above, I think they’d expand their user base significantly.

Drag and dropping of pretty much everything, and especially plugin presets, flexible sidechaining, really improve workflow and save a lot of time.

Keep going Steinberg, you’re not perfect, but you still make a great product and it’s better than the others!

one more thing, it sure would be nice if we could open up plugins that are locked to cubase like Reverence with third party plugin hosts like Vienna Ensemble Pro. I could understand having to have a license on the vienna key or syncrosoft key to use it, but we should at least have the ability. It would be great to offload the reverb processing to another computer.

Here is to hoping Steinberg is paying attention to the major ergonomic improvements Studio One (and other DAW’s as well) have brought to the table in recent years. I, myself, have stuck with Cubendo over the years because of it’s deep functionality, which it excels at. These days, Studio One is getting a lot of use because of the easy, quick, and creative ergonomic workflow. Now, if only SOMEONE could put the two together…hint…hint… :smiley:

I have used cubase for years. i have def gone back and forth with it and some other daw’s and pretty familiar with most of them.

IMHO cubase is the best overall and all round one out there. i do think it can DEF use a facelift though and at LEAST give us some choices in terms of the mixer screen. would like to have themes like DP 8 just came out with and i would love to have the option to have the “normal” look or an old style mixer look, where the inserts, sends, an EQ and a Comp can all be loaded into a track.

i would really like drag and drop to be like in S1. they nailed that

some other stuff, but for me the archaic and ancient mixer, the buttons that are strange symbols and have been for a decade and the fact you can’t fill a screen etc. it just looks and feels bad and always has to me.

i am not even sure why i am posting this here other than i hope they take note of themes and the over all look and how much better so many DAW’s are then cubase. if they could do the drag and drop, streamline Media bay, and completely redo the mixer i would be really happy

again, i have and have used so many other DAW’s and i feel cubase is the best overall. DP8, Logic 9, S1, PT 9, SAW, Reason/Record (they have a great mixer), Reaper (reaper guys make the best themes and there are tons and they are free)

if you go to the reaper forum, under the themes section there is a new one coming out called “solaris” it is UNREAL

and of course they have a couple of guys steiny should hire to help them. they blow away any other DAW’s theme and look.

The name dropping of other hosts always kinda inhibits these discussions but drag and drop in general - extending it - has some (at least a couple) potential benefit for everyone, even people who don’t see it yet.

Many don’t see it yet because the context of this discussion as relates to drag and drop is just way too limited. You have to use real world examples that make sense or some people just don’t get it, how it (potentially) improves some processes.

The irony is (unfortunately) when you use graphic examples it kinda puts some on the defensive. It’s a catch-22 situation … you sometimes can’t really make people understand without showing things, but showing things sometimes closes the door to understanding and starts a defensive battle.

Examples (why so many find those kinds of drag and drop functions beneficial) are all over the place for anyone really interested in seeing them. Cubase already does some of them, but could probably do much more.

All these discussions should probably start with the stipulation that … “None of it stops the show.” :slight_smile:

well, the only reason i brought up other hosts was because i wanted to relate that i had used them and was pulling some things liked much better in them than cubase

i am working in DP 8 right now and its a fantastic DAW but i actually MISS media bay in it.

no one DAW is perfect and i get that. but my point is that, for me at least, cubase does MOST stuff better and is a great host. i dont expect the stuff i want to be in there just for me, i think the stuff i am bringing up would benefit all. even if you could turn some of it off (like if you loved the original mixer).

the themes and mixer re vamp would be fantastic, and its way overdue.

drag and drop the way S1 does it, if people here dont know about it, go watch some youtube videos on it. its fantastic and workflow is GREATLY enhanced.

anyway. i dont post much here but if cubase 7 is close these are 2-3 things i would personally like that would def make me happier with cubase