Cubase 7 will not close. Force closing from Task Manager

Hello all,

I recently installed Cubase 7 and it was working fine. For some reason the other night after a Windows update, Cubase would not close after using it. Nothing within the program or the start up is giving me problems. Only during the shutdown process. I’ve reinstalled, changed preference folders etc… Nothing works. It just spikes my CPU to 100 and hangs on for dear life.

Any suggestions? All drivers worked before the Windows update. I’ve since then used a restore point, reinstalled all drivers, changed driver settings on and off. Nothing works :angry: . I’m at a loss. This is very frustrating. I’ve looked all over the net and on forums. None of the tips work.

Windows 7 64 bit
2.4 Quad Core
8 Gigs of Ram
Cubase 7 64



Hang-on-exit is an old, old issue with Cubendo, as you must have seen from searching the net. There are all sorts of fixes. Some work for some people but not others, some don’t work for anyone. Sometime if you leave it hanging it will eventually close, sometimes not. In short, the issue is a beetch! I used to get it about 30% of the time but tried something I read somewhere, as follows: “when you’ve finished your session, SAVE. Then change something, move a clip, whatever. Then Quit, but from the pop up window, choose DON’T SAVE” For me that has made a great improvement, and Cubase usually closes faster than it did. Might not work for you but worth a try.

However, the ASIO meter spiking 100% into the red and staying there… that’s the first time I’ve heard of that one, and it sounds ominous. Maybe you’ve got a rogue plug-in, which means a laborious process of elimination.

When you’ve exhausted every avenue the only thing left is a fresh install of Windows, which is a bind. I had a bad ASIO spiking/stuttering problem. with Cubase 7 x64. Tried every fix, Cubase, Windows, BIOS tweak going. Nothing worked. In the end I bought a new SSD and started over. Wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. But now it works better than it has for a long time, and I get much better ASIO performance.

Good luck.

Thanks dark blue man,

I found out today that it was a foolish AVG Antivirus thing. A feature on the Antivirus had run shortly after the Windows update. It was some kind of PC scan/fix registry editor. I guess it had run due to the SP1 update. No matter the case, fortunately it created a restore point just before. I used that today and Cubase is back to normal (Thank God). I promptly removed all AVG software(Bloatware) from my computer.

Back to music making!!!

That’s good news :wink:

And kind of exemplifies what I said about the sheer strangeness this issue throws up sometimes. I’ve been using AVG for ages (free version) and never heard of that before, though it’s one to add to the stock pile for sure. Another one, I didn’t mention along with a plethora of others, had something to do with Daemon tools. Go figure!

I know what you mean about bloat-ware though. Unfortunately they’re all the same.

No they’re not! If you need security software for your audio computer, check out eSet (its not free). It stays out of the way and does not interfere (unless it needs to ‘squash’ something).

Check it out:

hi, this worked for me and might work for others

my cubase 7 artist had to be closed by task manager a few months after i got it about 90% times

because of some other windows problems i ended up uninstalling windows media player and widgets, after i did that the next time i worked with cubase it closed smooth and fast as it should…

it was luck but it fixed my problem… might work for some of you too

windows widgets seem to be a big source of problems and i didnt use them anyway

hope it helps…