Cubase 7 win no sound


I have a Cubase Elements 7 Win7 64bit with Behringer UCA202 USB. It has worked for a long time, but I changed something and it no longer works :frowning:
I tried to revert to the original settings, but still no sound at all. Other apps can produce sound, so the driver and the equipment works well.
I checked the stereo out, and its level meter is ok (moving, so the routing seems ok).
In the device setup (VST audio system) I have 4 choices: no driver, asio4all v2, behringer usb audio and generic low latency asio driver.
As far as I remember the previous working setting was generic low latency asio driver. But still no sound. Actually none of them has sound.
Any advice what to do? Thanks in advance…

Finally, I found out, that the ins and outs were inactive, and a something like ‘no connection’ line was displayed under the menubar. After fixing it, it started to work, so now everything is ok :slight_smile: