Cubase 7 with ILOK

My Cubase 7 dont work with ilok liceser, can I transfer my cubase license to Ilok? (

NO ,Cubase does not and never has worked with an ilok

When i insert ILOK in my PC, Cubase 7 (when starting) shows the message “no license found” or something.

ILOK DOES NOT WORK ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

You need an E- LICENSER not ilok


Yes, Cubase doesn’ t work with iLok as said several times already… :unamused:

U dont understand, when i use cubase 7 with elicenser and for exsample VST Slate drums trigger, which requires ILOK, Cubase 7 does not see elicenser in PC. How i can use VST with ilok and cubase with elicenser at the same time?

Of course I don’ t with such a lousy initial problem description…

I have Cubase 7 with elicenser and vst ssd trigger with ilok, how do I remove conflicts Licenses?

Well, I am using ilok plugins and elicenser together for years without conflits.

First, you can try to update elicenser software (check Ilok driver version too).

Move your dongles to another USB port. Are you using USB 3.0?

Try an active USB hub with both.

Thank god for that. :smiley:

Has never worked… :laughing:

You have tried turning it off and on again )))

How do dongle?!?!?!

I don’t know about you guys but I always have my dongle on me; doesn’t matter if I’m oiling the front lawn, enjoying a warm and frothy mug of liquid cat or just naming different kitchen utensils “lord melvin”… I will dongle forever!!!


As repeatedly reported by Steinberg, the original iLok (the big clear blue key) doesn’t work with Cubase 7. You will have to buy an iLok 2 (a.k.a. 2nd generation iLok, the smaller black key with a gray band in the middle) and then transfer all your licences onto it (via iLok website. Only takes 5 minutes.) Of course you cannot transfer the Steinberg license to the iLok because they use a different standard, so you will have to have both e-licenser and iLok 2 attached to your computer.

Are you sure about that?

Cause even though i use Ilok2 now, im almost 100% sure i used Ilok1 with Cubase 7 without any issues.

Link please!

Mine works here. What are the symptoms of this ‘not working’?

I remember that as being a “some MAY not work” thing - and I haven’t seen any complaints about it in a long time.

In any case I have the old style iLoks - side by side in a hub with my Steinberg key - and never had any problem.


+1 yes here too.
I use the blue “original one”. No problems. :wink:

Best Regards

Thats funny. I use the original iLock with Ivory, and everything works fine in C7.