Cubase 7 with ILOK

That’s funny, I’m NOT a liar, as some of you implied:

iLok 1 did NOT work on my system. I had to buy an iLok 2 and transfer all my licenses.

Could it be something to do with the latest iLok drivers? I’ve got old iLoks + eLicencer and all was working well until the other day when Autotune couldn’t find it’s licence. No amount of plugging/replugging/swapping worked! Couldn’t even see the licences in the web browser like usual… In the end I downloaded the new iLok licence tool they’ve just introduced. After installation and login using that tool it all started working again and my licenses were visible again and in tact. Phew! Still don’t know why or how it happened…

But just to clarify, Cubase licence can’t be put on an iLok :smiley:


I trust the neighbours can’t see in…
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Never had any trouble running iLok with steinberg dongle, though do use new version of ILok these days as the old one has discontinued support from a number software houses.

Issue SQ-238 that Cubase has with iLok is when there are invalid licences on the iLok

You probably could have reinstalled them on the same iLok and it would have worked. Did you try that?

I notice that if you have the iLok2 and a Zero Down Time (ZDT) for it, you can enable a free permanent licence replacement option on it for free, though you have to re-eneable it every 90 days.

With ZDT, you already got temporary licences for 14 days which got you going again in case of breakage, theft or loss, but this new option means that you don’t have to hunt down every licence separately and get replacements from each individual supplier. Not bad for $30 per year to cover $1,000s of licences. Now I just have to get two iLok 2s (one spare for emergency, which gets replaced under RMA).

Now, in the same way, does breaking or losing a USB eLicenser mean that you can re-download your Cubase (or VSL) licences onto a new eLicencer as easily?

I would not be surprised if SB moves in that direction.

Why would I want to try that when Steinberg told me that they would not guarantee compatibility of C7 with iLok 1? To save $40? This is the way I earn my living we’re talking about…

This is exactly like trying to run C7 on Win XP. Sure, some people swear it works, but I would never do that.