Cubase 7 with new dongle from Cubase 6

I have to change my system since the old one died, so I want to buy a ur824. I’m using Cubase 6 at the moment, been using Cubase from VST32, so I have the licences from 6 and the previous version in the dongle. I see that there’s a “Steinberg ultimate Cubase recording pack” with the UR824 and Cubase 7. Makes sense financially as the upgrade from Cubase 6 would cost higher if I buy only the UR824 and if I upgrade later.

So the question is this : since this package comes with a new dongle, can I still get all the previous versions in the new dongle, or do I have to use the old and put the Cubase 7 version ? Or actually if I use the new dongle, I have access to all previous versions, and I can still keep the old dongle as a sort of backup or second dongle (up to Cubase 6 I would guess) ?

I hope I made myself clear, and thanks for the answers :slight_smile:

Yes, it is possible to transfer the licenses from one dongle to another. You have to go to the “my steinberg” area and contact the support.

Yes, you’ll have access to all previous version with a 7/7.5 license. A backup is not bad, you could also sell the 6 license which won’t be useful for 7 projects anyway.

Actually, licenses can be transferred between USB-eLicensers (and from Soft-eLicenser to USB-eLicenser) using simple “drag 'n drop” in eLicenser Control Center software.

but you don’t need to if you’re buying a fresh licence of 7/7.5, as this will work for all previous versions.

You’ll be able to sell the 6 license for an all round win.