Cubase 7.x & Korg NanoKontrol

I use a Korg NanoKontrol (version 1) with the software editor.
It works fine with nothing else running.
If I try to send from the editor to the Nano though whilst Cubase is in use, it won’t communicate and won’t transmit the data.
So I find myself planning the sliders/cc numbers I need to automate, coming out of Cubase, setting the Nano up, transmitting to the Nano and going back into Cubase to use it.
Does anyone have a workaround please whereby I can do this on the fly with Cubase running?

I have just buy a NanoKontrol2 and i have experiment the same thing. Do you find a solution ?

Sorry, but I’ve had no luck. I had another go this morning to refresh my memory.
It’s frustrating.
I’ve had Cubase loaded & the nano editor. It won’t transmit & write the data.
However, if you unplug the nano and then plug it in again, the editor will write the data.
The problem then is that Cubase won’t see the nano control until you close Cubase and reopen it!!
Perhaps I’m missing something, but I had a good test today with a track & midi monitor enabled. No luck.
I’m still hoping one of the gurus here will come up with a suggestion.
Good luck.

This is rather disappointing. I too have a Korg Nano and have tried but to no avail. Didn’t know about the unplug and plug back in but that’s totally useless. Nano works with Finale- don’t know why it wouldn’t work on Cubase.
I suggest we contact support and ask them to come up with a solution. The reason I got this set-up was so I could write on the fly. Hate to think I’ve wasted my money.