Cubase 7.xx crash on quit (Windows) SOLVED

In 50% of the cases when I quit Cubase the main window doesn’t close and the application “hangs”. The only way to get out of it is with ctrl-alt-delete. Even then some part of Cubase stays active disabling the soundcard. The only solution is a reboot. I think it has to do with the release of the audio-driver. Specs:

Intel iCore7 with 12 Gb RAM
Windows 8.1 (also with Windows 8) 64bit
Cubase versions 7.0 to 7.5.20
Audiocard UR44 with latest drivers. I had the same with my M-Audio 410 firewire soundcard

Is there a solution to this?

Are you using any third-party plugins?

check your eLc version.

Are you running in "compatibility mode vista " ?

Thanks for the input.

3rd party plugins: No, only Steinberg and KOMPLETE 9
eLc version: Was a little outdated, but upgrading didn’t solve the problem
Compatibility mode: No, set as “run as administrator”

The problem was with my extra MIDI inputs, a M-Audio MidiSport 2x2. The Windows 7 64bit driver seems incompatible with Windows 8.1. When I disconnected the device, I had no more crashes…

Try compatibility mode “vista” as that resolves quite a lot of issues regarding hanging/crashing on exit

Thanks G-string. Setting compatibility mode to “Windows 7” (the latest version of the driver) solved the problem!

Cool thats good to know , enjoy

The problem returned with Cubase 8 Pro, but the solution for that was connecting the eLicencer directly to a computer-port. It was on a USB hub.