Cubase 7 -yamaha psr A3000

I 've recently bought a yamaha psr a3000 keyboard.I am trying to connect it with cubase 7 but i have a problem. While i can see data transmited to cubase in input i cant hear the sound in output. I have done these steps.

  1. I’ve downloaded and installed the keyboard’s drivers from yamaha webstie
  2. I’ ve installed keyboard’s drivers and its being recognized from pc
  3. i 've got the keyboard connected with pc via USB HOST
  4. when i open Cubase-create-add midi track in input and output option there is the digital keyboard 1.
    So when i press a key from keyboard while i have signal i cant hear the sound. If i create an instrument track( Halion) then i can hear the sound from it.
    I’ve got the following equipment
    TASCAM FW-1884(and i use it like sound card) which is connected with Pc via firmwire. Also i got a midi port ESI which is connected with Pc via USB.
    I would like to tell me what settings i got to do step by step in order to hear the sound from midi channel

Your sicncerely

MIDI is not Audio, so in order to “hear MIDI”, you need to load an instrument that makes the sound from the MIDI data. With an instrument track, this is done automatically, with a MIDI track, you might have to do it yourself

Alternatively you can plug the audio outputs of your keyboard into your interface and set that up in VSTconnections as an external instrument.

Depending on whether you’re using the keyboard as just an input device or you want the sounds it makes.

Look into how to turn local off on the keyboard.