Cubase 7

Hello Everyone :slight_smile:

Is there a list of midi numbers for cubase?
I want to assign buttons on my controller keyboard (Project Transport in particular) without going through the full DirectLink route.
Any help is appreciated,

I worked with generic remote device, look that up, very powerful.

Midi is a standard and it’s used in cubase but it has lot of different applications.

Good to understand the subject so some searching and reading would be good.

You’re probably talking about control change messages, CC’s. I usually just search to find the assigned numbers, but you can do anything you want with them but some have assigned uses for example if you downloaded a midi file cc7’s would be volume changes.

Yes, that’s a help. Thanks.
I do find that certain assignable controls on my keyboard will activate more than 1 parameter.
Volume on a mixer channel will also change a setting on the virtual instrument being used.

Are you using the Generic Remote now?

You could disable it and see what things still happen when you move things on your keyboard.

Then go about disabling those things so that only things you want to happen happen.

It’s work to dig in there and find out what’s going on.

Plus you can check the generic remote and make sure nothing was set up by default that you didn’t change etc.