Cubase 7?

Is this an indication that Steinberg are about to hit us for the next update in the New Year

Nope. It is only a sales action



Straight answer within an hour! Way to go, Chris! :astonished: :sunglasses:

Chris rocks!

This topic is like what you read here and on other forums :mrgreen: :

  • Customer: Steinberg releases apps for I-Phone/Pad so they are not interested anymore for PC and now concentrating Mac only.

  • Steinberg: Do you have proof ?

  • Customer: Yes, Wavelab is now on Mac, so the days of PC are over.

  • Customer: The build in plugins are poor

  • Steinberg: Are you a fan of artist xyz ?

  • Customer: Yes I’m fan of artist xyz

  • Steinberg: Well, artist xyz mixed the whole album with the build in stuff

  • Customer: Cubase 6 is cracked

  • Steinberg: no it is not

  • Customer: Yes it it: when I type in Cubase 6 crack on google then I find 100’s of links

  • Steinberg: What happens when you typ in Cubase 7 or Cubase 8 ?



WTF??? Why is Steinberg releasing C7 and C8 to the crackers first instead of us loyal long time customers? :mrgreen:


Pirate Sourcing! Kind of a refined crowd sourcing initiative. Brilliant.

:laughing: :laughing: