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This thread will probably be removed but here goes. Been a loyal Cubase user since the days of atari. Bought every upgrade since then and now on 6.5 I went to the Music production show last month in London to see the arrival of Cubase 7. To be honest I didnt think much of the demo-it was very lame-maybe Im too used to Steve Jobs who knew how to sell! I feel Im at a crossroads now of wondering if spending £121.70 on the update is justifiable I don’t see how this update should cost so much. Surly changing the look of the mixer section doesn’t take that much to do?? and the only real interest I had was maybe the chord track. Sorry but does anyone feel that we are being over charged on this update? I still love Cubase but I think Im out!

I suppose you’ve thought of the option of just sticking with 6.5?
It’s what I do :slight_smile:

I think I will stick to 6.5 I may pick up a cheap copy on ebay maybe when 8 comes out lol

Yes, every user should think about it before upgrade.

I will upgrade to Cubase 7 in January, and to me the addition of portuguese is the big plus (because it is my first language). But I am curious about new mixer and another small things here and there. But at the same time, the fear of bugs and problems is real, especially in the beginning releases.

I must say that I upgraded to C7 and love many of the new features.
I’ve gone back and forth between 6.5 and 7 and really much prefer 7 - mostly the mixer functionality but other things, too.

I will add that, after installing 7 on the day it was available I did later have 1 - only 1 - crash when loading a waves API EQ.
I have had no crashes with 7.01.
But that is one too many - and considering some other relatively small sniglets that others are experiencing - to use 7 yet in a high pressure client situation, like tracking a live show.

But for me it’s a big step in an excellent direction.

Steinberg went out on a limb with this one. It’s a major upgrade/change (with more to come, I expect) and whenever that is done there are going to be a lot of people who are just sooo settled in the old way of doing things your gonna have a bunch of complaints.
Those that are loving it tend to be quieter.
And in my opinion many (not all) of the complaints are kind of petty in view of the vast improvements here.

So I say Go Steinberg.

Since projects are compatible between C7 and C6.x the risk factor is low - just use whatever version is appropriate to the situation.

I don’t really find any reason to use C6 since upgrading. The new mixer is great, especially in full screen mode with 2 mixers on 2 monitors. Also like the ability to easily hide/show channels and anchor channels to the left and right side of the mixer so they don’t scroll away. Quick-link really improves workflow. The mixer pictures make it much easier to find the channel you are looking for.

When I first read about the ability to enter chords directly in the key editor (not the chord track), I thought it sounded useful & nice. But after using it, I can’t imagine not having it. This feature alone was worth it for me. It greatly simplifies entering progressions, changing their voicing, and trying different chord substitutions. Not to mention eliminating whatever the mouse equivalent of a typo is.

Big thumbs up on C7 from me.

Aloha guys just to chime in.

1-Hermode tuning has opened another sonic door for me.
Well worth the price for C7.
Where has this function been all my DAW life?
This function can really clean up tracks.
But don’t go too far because
It can also suck the ‘life’ out of your music. YMMV.

2-Also because of my location; ‘VST Connect’.
I have so far done three test sessions
(two to the mainland and one inter-island) and so far no real probs.

My daughter lives in NYC and soon
I will be doing a ‘real’ test with her.
If this all works, then for my money this VST Connect thang is for real.

3- The convenience of having tape/tube saturation on the strip is nice
but for me no biggie.
I have had those types of 3rd party plugs for some time now.

But without a doubt (and with C7) I can now easily and quickly make my
studio sound like a ‘top-o-the-line studio’ from 1976. Tubes and tape. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


No , I am not paying for bug fixes anymore. They refused to admit there was a problem with the MIDI timing, which has NEVER worked in Cubase, then they fix it, and expect us to pay for their problems.

It’s time this trend was stopped.

Where has this function been all my DAW life?

In the MIDI insert for scale tuning. Or…in almost any hardware synth of the last 20 years’ section for patch based scale tuning.

I don’t think it says anything bad about the program…or Steiny…or you…that you’re skipping a version…or two or three. Frankly, I think DAWs have been pretty well mature for years for audio production. Granted, you need to buy some third party plug ins to make it really sound good…but, those doing it already have, so…the future, I’m afraid will be catered to those less technical. I forsee more virtual instruments and band in a box style autoarranging.

I may be on V6 and Win7 forever. Why not? What is it I can’t do again?

I think it is not the same. The hermode tuning is different from perfect equal temperament. As I remember, Logic also has this feature.

Here is some info:

John Springate wrote:

Been a loyal Cubase user since the days of atari. Bought every upgrade since then and now on 6.5 I went to the Music production show last month in London to see the arrival of Cubase 7.
I feel I’m at a crossroads now of wondering if spending £121.70 on the update is justifiable I don’t see how this update should cost so much.

Same for me here. I’m Cubase Windows Owner since version 1.0 (with a little interlude in Logic before it was sold to Apple) paying all the bugfixes/updates.

Buying it new is around 550 € Update from 6.0 is 199€. Let alone this x99 price is annoying, why not admit it costs 200? But this is way too expensive anyway! A full license for Reaper was around 50 €.

I’m kind of disappointed now and don’t know if I’m willing to follow the Cubase path anymore.


They will most likely have a ‘trial’ version out soon.
It might help with your decision.


Whatever you decide, as long as it helps to make
music, is what matters the most.

—bon chance mon ami

When 6.5 came out concerns were expressed over the upgrade pricing. Steinberg explained that anyone who waited for C7 and those who went via 6.5 would end up paying the same price, i.e. 6->6.5->7 = 6->7. (Hope that’s clear :confused: !)

It all seemed fair enough at the time but from memory I’m not sure this has been the case in the end. I would like to know for sure, though, but can’t find this post. Does anyone else remember it or bookmarked it?

It was the same.

Ok, thanks. Do you have a link to the post? (and apologies to the op if I’m hijacking the thread…)

It was in the release announcement thread in the C7 forum. The update, 6 to 6.5 was 50$, and from 6.5 to 7 was $150. From 6 to 7 was $200. The disparity was from 4 or 5 to 7 which, if the update to 6.5 was bought during the grace period, was also had for $299.

Thanks N8 but I was talking about an earlier thread from the time 6.5 was introduced.

Maybe this one.

No, not that one, but thanks for the link anyway :smiley:

Yep, that’s it! Or more precisely, this: is the one I remembered seeing. Looks like we’ve paid the regular price for a full version upgrade.

Ok, I’m happy, thanks for the help, both of you.