Cubase 7

We have recently bought and installed Cubase 7 onto our Microsoft Windows 7 31 school PC’s. We are struggling to set up a project and when we add a track to our project, we cannot find any instrument sounds and the MIDI keyboard will only play one ‘piano’ sound. Can you help please?”
I can give you remote access to the Computers to investigate the issue. Our School is holly lodge girls’ college. 0151 228 3772.

It may be that your midi keyboard is defaulting to Halion piano.
may be useful if you list your soundcard details, how you’ve set up your midi keyboard and how you’ve configured your inputs & outputs.
For now though, click on Project, Add Instrument Track and add a track. You may also press F11 to look at your instruments and select one from the drop downs in the rack.
Folks will need a bit more information to get you started.

We have fixed our issue today. thanks for replying.

and might it be helpful to let others know how you resolved it?
and what the problem was?
'tis a forum where users help each other and someone else may have the same problem in the future.
Just an observation…

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Thanks Neil!

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