Cubase 8.0.10 Asio Overload

I’m experiencing Asio Overloads after some hours of work.

MacBookPro Retina 15" i7 2,5 Ghz, 16 Gb Ram 512 Gb SSD
OSX 10.9.5
Cubase 8.0.10
Rme Fireface UCX with latest drivers
Universal Audio UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt
2x external monitors connected (first via thunderbolt to dvi, second via HDMI)

After 2/3 hours of work the vst performance bar starts to increase until it reaches the 100% and Cubase crashes.
It’s not buffer related because it happens only when the song is in play, for example: in stop mode the vst bar is at 25%, then I hit play and it goes to 60% immediately and it starts to increase.

Anyone please experienced this or knows how to solve the problem?
Any help will be really appreciated.

Many thanks.

I’m just upgraded to Yosemite but same problem.
I tryed too to disconnect the RME and UAD-2 (using internal audio driver) but same problem.
The real-time peak bar is increasing too, when average load bar is around 65% real-time peak is about 25%.
I saw that, disconnecting one external monitor the performance bar goes down of 20%.

Really need help please.

Other Update:
When i plug the AC cable while I’m using the Mac with the Battery, the performance bar goes up of 50% and more and reaches 100%.

Anyone with the same problem with a MacBookPro please?

I have Mac Book pro 2014. Running latest version of Cubase 8 Pro and Yosemite. I get cpu overloads/pops, even though the meter never goes over 20-30%. Even bumping up the latency to a crazy long time doesnt solve it.

It has annoyed me so much, that I am going to try and get use to Logic Pro X. I already own it. I bought it in January when I bought my new $3k laptop…upon which this constantly changed Steinberg Cubase fails to operate in a reliable/stable fashion. So Frustrating. I have owned Cubase since 4.x.

I just want to track music. The amount of time I waste trying to get stuff to work properly, i could have myself up to speed on Logic. Yes, I am cranky and sick of this. I wish the software vendors would stop trying to change things ever year or so, and just get something that works rock solid. Maybe Logic will, since it is designed for Mac.

Okay…some positive news. I installed the 8.0.20 update.
I reloaded the same project and I was able to get through the song without any overloads. Of course I can still make it happen if I set the buffer down to 32. However, I wasnt even able to make it work clean on 64 or 128 before. So, something appears to have been fixed. 64 buffer, which gives me a round trip latency of 4.333ms worked fine with 4 VSTi loaded for playback. Addictive Drums2, The Grand 3, Halion Sonic 5, and Padshop. No frozen tracks. I wasnt recording audio, but just doing playback.

If I am wrong, and the CPU eater gremlin returns, I am going to dig deeper into things like iCloud Sync, or any other process I can think of that might be polling and hogging. I really hate to make my MacBook dedicated like a desktop PC, but it might be necessary to strip it of all the apps I dont really need in my studio, and disconnect from the network, and shut off any services that appears to be in the way. If that is true, I will probably not be using a MacBook Pro for my DAW, and will get a Mac Pro instead.

Whew…I hope I can finish this album on Cubase. I am not really wanting to learn a new daw right now. :wink:

I was wrong. I am still having issues with CPU spikes. Turning off all unneeded processes has not helped. I am at a loss. Enabling multi-core processing, makes it even worse.