1-Open any projects with an audio file of a percussive instrument
2-Double click on it and detect the hit points
3-Click on create slices
4-notice that all the clips moved from their original position

I tested this on both Mac and PC in 3 different sessions. Multitrack slicing seems to be ok … this only happens on single audio files.

Replicated and confirmed. There’s a gap between the slices.

Also, it forces the project out of musical mode for me.


This is not a bug, I am moving this thread to the General forum.

What happens is: The “Create Slices” in the SampleEditor also processes tempo-information and automatically adapts the slices to its relative position.
What you need is the function “Create Events”. Yes, it can be misleading because of its name in the Multi track drum editing case which this functionality is executed by “Slice” at the Quantise panel.

We will add this information to the known issues and solutions document.

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