Cubase 8.0.10 experiences

Nice, lots of fixes here & includ. MCU drivers. Runs a lot snappier with a preference rebuild & this this case a swag of updated VIs and plugs for CP8 /Yosemite (delete everything except for Templates & Presets folders, Windows layouts.xml & Defaults.xml). Once re-learnt the plugs /VI cache is very snappy I noticed.

Also handling some CPU intensive plugs well (e.g. Cthulhu routed to instances of Trillian, 2x MachFive3 & Sample Tank 3).

With all the fuss about ‘Render in Place’ for so long, Freeze will no longer work for me, immediately crashes Cubase.
*update - no, the freeze issue only happens with some project; likely a 3rd party VI or plug issue perhaps; some projects work exactly as expected.

Otherwise, the overall windows performance and screen re-draws for windows layouts on 2 x VDUs gets slower and slower the more the performance meter used (75% CPU and fairly drunk re-draws there, not remembering mixer fader widths, often losing one of the screens etc).

Still, I like it. On the right track and glad to have my MPUs back.

Mac Pro 5.1, 3.33 6 core; 32GB; UAD PCIes & Apollo, Yosemite.