Cubase 8.0.10 freezes after sleep


After I put my computer to sleep, Cubase 8 Pro hangs, as seen in the screen shot. The licencing related dialog box is only visible in the status bar (on the left hand side) but I cannot select it, I cannot open it, as Cubase is completely hanged/frozen. The eLicenser USB key is always attached to the computer.

This looks like an issue involving Cubase and the eLicenser software driver.

To replicate, open Cubase as normal, put your computer to sleep and wake it up pressing the power button.

I’d be grateful if this was elevated to the Cubase development team, for consideration.

I’d be happy to provide additional information on the computer configuration, if/as needed.

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We do not recommend to put your computer to sleep while working with Cubase, why would you need to do that?
It goes against all our recommendations regarding power usage.

Please read this article about the USB Power options in Windows 8:

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